Severe Weather Safety Preparedness for the Workplace

Does your workplace have a severe weather policy?   A severe weather policy should be part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness program that gives employees guidelines on what to expect during severe weather events.  Of course, organizations still need to run, even when Mother Nature is not cooperating. 

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Sarah Jamison, Senior Service Hydrologist at the National Weather Service, will present information to help business develop and implement severe weather policies.

Ms. Jamison is a hydrologist for the National Weather Service Offices’ in Cleveland Ohio with support to Buffalo New York.  Born in Maine, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology with a minor in Hydrology from Florida Institute of Technology.  Ms. Jamison has worked at the National Weather Service Offices in Missouri, North Carolina, and lastly Ohio where she has been since 2010.
Her primary responsibility as Service Hydrologist is to warn the public of potential flooding. In addition to flooding, she works as an operational meteorologist responsible for weather watch, warnings, and advisories for the region.  In her career Sarah has worked numerous major events, most recently Hurricane Florence. Her role as coordinator between the National Weather Service and the public and core partners is a critical key to reducing the risk to life and property.


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This will be the last meeting of the Orrville Area Safety Council for the FY19 program year.