Third Billion Back

A Third Billion Back

Giving back to Ohio business

Ohio's improving safety climate, good fiscal management and good investment returns are adding up to great news for Ohio employers. That's because for the third time in four years, BWC will return more than $1 billion to Ohio's private and public employers.

This rebate, combined with nearly 30 percent in average rate cuts and $3 billion in previous rebates and credits, means BWC has saved Ohio employers more than $6 billion since 2011.

BWC will begin distributing checks to eligible employers July 10*. Eligible employers must have been billed premium for the policy year ending June 30, 2016, (Dec. 31, 2015, for public employers) and be current in meeting their policy requirements. Employers with an outstanding BWC balance will have their rebates first applied to that balance.

Read more about the rebate here.

The entire plan includes more than just rebates. We're also planning new health and safety initiatives with a $44 million investment to create a healthier workforce and a culture of safety in every Ohio workplace. This includes a new wellness program, funding for specific programs to help firefighters and those who work with children and adults with disabilities, and an education campaign to address common injuries at work and in the home.